Amidst the dried up remains of what used to be alive, Hello Industry plants a seed.

Their rock shows, electronic shows, and classical house concerts are drenched in one single value: Meaningful Music for Struggling People (which may just be all of us). Each song is an invitation to a conversation about things which really matter. In an industry where regurgitating old conversations and overusing proven musical formulas is the norm, Hello Industry is a breath of fresh, unpolluted air.

The band is comprised of Nathan, a tortured soul, prophetic artist, and home barista champ, Heather, a professional classical pianist, avid gardener, and super-taster, Brett, a classic rock demigod, black-belt engineer, and Tetris king, James, a jazz bassist, composer, and chess master, and Bobby… there are no words for Bobby.

“If you want to CARE about music again, give these records a spin.”
-Trent Keeling – Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis Costello, Sting


Released in 2013, Matter was a four-year labor of love. Matter is about identity and loss. It’s by far the band’s favorite album so far.


Released in 2008, MaryAnn was Hello Industry’s second rock album and marks the beginnings of the band finding its “sound”, and mission.


Fooled is Hello Industry’s debut album and represents the first eight years of Nathan’s songwriting. It was released in 2006 while the band was still called Nathan Peterson Band.

Hymn Songs

Released in 2009, Hymn Songs is a side project Nathan and James were contracted by Christianity Today to record.


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